Reasons I Love South Africa

This is where the growing list of reasons I love South Africa is going to live,  if you have any reasons you love South Africa that you would like to share, leave me a comment here or #WhyILoveSouthAfrica on Twitter!

  1. Wild Lions – Check out this video! Not too many places you are going to hear that!
  2. There are 19 National Parks in South Africa and many more provincial reserves, that means that wild places are never far away so there’s no excuse not to get out of the city for a while!
  3. The rain!
    Storm At The End Of The Desert Road
    Storm At The End Of The Desert Road

    For a dry country and continent even, by reputation anyway, there is often something spectacular about the rain, be it a Joburg Thunderstorm or the first rains after a long dry winter washing the dust away. Rain in South Africa is always a sensory experience! Not to mention the side effect of incredible.

  4. The people! South Africa is absolutely chock-a-block with happy, smiling, helpful people! As a visitor you’d be missing out if you didn’t get to known some of the locals!
  5. The Sunsets!
    Giraffe walks into the sunset in Mashatu, Botswana
    Giraffe walks into the sunset

    There something special about an African sunset, especially the iconic ones silhouetting either some wildlife or a lonely acacia tree.


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