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The 100 (more or less) Reasons I Love South Africa

I’ve seen on various blogs that “Top 10 Lists” are really popular and knew my fledgling blog wouldn’t be complete without a list of my own! Question was, a list of what?!?!

A recent presentation by Scott Ramsay on his Year In The Wild project got me thinking  about why I love South Africa and my list hit me like a stray paper jet right between the eyes! OK, so this list doesn’t actually exist yet, well not on paper or the interweb anyway but it’s going to! We as South Africans often get a bad rap in the foreign media, so much so that some people are too afraid to travel here. Yet, us South Africans know what amazing sights and sounds people are missing by avoiding our shores.

One of the things that hit home the most from Scott’s presentation was the incredible biodiversity we have in South Africa for such a relatively small area and just how valuable tourism is as a sustainable revenue generator for our country. So for as long as I can keep finding new reasons to love SA, or remembering old ones i’m going to be sharing what I love about South Africa with you.

My hope is that by sharing all the things I love, at least one person (but hopefully many, many more) will be inspired to visit! So without any further ado, here is the link to a video from Scott’s time in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park that gave me goosebumps and is as good a way as any to start my 100 (more or less) Reasons I Love South Africa!

Check out Scott’s project Year in the Wild, hopefully it will inspire you too! If you have any reasons you love South Africa, please share them with me here or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #WhyILoveSouthAfrica.

Here is where you can find the ever growing list of reasons I Love South Africa


Travel Starts On Your Doorstep

This post probably should have come first (so i’ve pre-dated it hoping that it does, I hear you can do that :-)), it’s essentially the reason and inspiration for me to start my own blog.

I’ve always had a passion for travel and photography but never felt like I was going anywhere or doing anything exotic enough to warrant a blog. A friend of mine on the other hand lives in Tanzania and was spending weekends in the Serengeti, casually checking off items from my life bucket list!

Chatting one day when I told her how jealous I was about all the cool things she was doing she said to me, “travel starts on your doorstep!”. It dawned on me just how lucky I am to be living in South Africa, how many things I have in easy reach that should definitely be on other peoples’ bucket lists! Cape Town, Kruger National Park, The Garden Route, The Winelands, not to mention being a great starting place to other african countries!

I look forward to sharing the awesomeness that is South Africa and hopefully in the near future, Africa in general, as well as anywhere else i’m fortunate enough to go. I hope you enjoy exploring with me, please do get hold of me if you are in or around South Africa.