Black & White Elephant

I’ve often seen people convert their wildlife images into black & white and never really understood it. I’ve always loved the colours of nature in their natural form. That and i’m pretty lazy when it comes to post processing my images, I didn’t get into photography to spend hours in front of a PC.

But this elephant finally caused me to change my tactics, he was magnificent, and far too close for my 70-200mm lens to do anything but focus on intricate detail, so that’s what I did! It also happened to be the middle of the day so the light wasn’t great (in the traditional sense) but it was great in the end.

When I was sorting through the images and I came across this one i just loved the detail in the Ellie’s skin, so I set about accentuating that. It was surprisingly simple, an aggressive crop and some minor tweaks to the contrast and clarity sliders in Lightroom and I was done. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about the result and still just love the detail in skin and fine cracks in the tusk.

Who knows this may just have opened up a whole new world of photography for me…
Elephant in Black & White


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